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An Exclusive Program for Business Owners Looking to Scale their Businesses

What You Get:

Are you looking to scale your business, develop a powerful brand, and partner with experts who truly understand what it takes to navigate the changing business landscape?

Book your slot to enroll for our eight-week hands-on, exclusive virtual business growth program for Start-Ups and SMEs designed to help you build a sustainable and profitable business.

Growth opportunities with SNDBX Kenya

Access to top international and local business growth institutions

Personalized training - Only 40 people per class permitted

Hands-on business growth tools assured to help you scale

Practical knowledge of the Kenya and Africa Start-up and SME market

Program learning outcomes and content


Our training program will give you practical skills and tools to build a strong business foundation for future growth.

How to transition from employment into business

How to practically move from concept to an actual profitable and scalable business

Introduction To Entrepreneurship

Module Info & Overview

DAY 1 Mindset 
Learn how to successfully transition from your comfort zone to a productive learning zone, adopt a powerful growth mindset and overcome your personal limiting beliefs.

DAY 2 Goal Setting That Works
Discover the intricate details of the belief cycle and how to practically apply the 5 keys to
effective goal setting for your business.

DAY 3 Entrepreneur skills & Fundamentals
What makes a successful entrepreneur? Uncover the 6 business dynamics to help you unlock your business potential and the effective use of the 6M framework for building effective teams.

Idea Generation

Module Info & Overview

DAY 4 Idea Generation Methodologies
Learn what makes a great business idea, how to use the TRAP model to identify your ideal business and the power of structured brainstorming in groups.

DAY 5 Selection
Develop a comprehensive idea list and a detailed SWOT analysis for your current business, then come up with a complete summary of your IDEAL business idea.

DAY 6 Validation
Begin developing your very own Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Product Design & Development

Module Info & Overview DAY 7 Definition Strategy To Understand why new products fail and the crucial methodologies you can adopt to your own product design process to avoid the same mistakes others have made. DAY 8 Ideation An introduction to design thinking and how to screen and evaluate your product concepts based on what the customer actually wants. DAY 9 Analysis Development An introduction to design thinking and how to screen and evaluate your product concepts based on what the customer actually wants.

Customer Definition

Module Info & Overview DAY 10 Customer Evolution An introduction to design thinking and how to screen and evaluate your product concepts based on what the customer actually wants. DAY 11 Reach & Approach  Learn how to effectively segment your target customer base for greater product profitability DAY 12 Recap Day 11 Develop a keep-in-touch strategy to help you manage your customer database and remain top of mind

Product Delivery & Launch

Module Info & Overview

DAY 13 Managing Your Product
Understand the importance and practical application of product positioning, distribution, pricing and messaging for an ever-changing World

DAY 14 Product Launch
Learn the elements of successful product launches, when to launch your product and what to follow
up on during the post-launch, including tracking customer user satisfaction amongst others.

DAY 15
Develop guidelines for a practical GO-TO-MARKET (GTM) Strategy for your very own product

Close Out & Next Steps 

Module Info & Overview

DAY 16 Complete your workable Business Model Canvas (BMC) and present it to the SNDBX Expert panel for crucial feedback, receive a certificate of participation and get formally recognized as a SNDBX mentee with tailored access to continuous business mentorship services for future business success!

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      1. Registration Fee: Kshs. 5,000
      2. Course Fee Kshs: Kshs.35,000
      3. Access to steady internet and computer

      Payments are to be made via mobile phone to the following account. 

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        The Start Up R.O.A.D Map is an exclusive, high-impact entrepreneurship training program developed at the SNDBX to help business people grow their companies, scale their operations and support these same companies to be investor ready

        It is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is an all-inclusive program and not purely biased to tech-based startups. One gets access to a vast network of business people in a high impact community. The training is backed by the strong Pan-African brand of SNDBX and is here for the long term. Run by individuals with over 30 years combined experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial fields.

        We currently run the program virtually via Zoom due to C19 constraints but it is normally a face-to face training. 

        On does not need an academic qualification to attend this training. The training is an experiential training based on practical application of concepts in a real market with a view to making money in business. R.O.A.D is not an academic course.

        R.O.A.D is an acronym for the structured process by which attendees develop business ideas and then actualize them in a practical market. R.O.A.D stands for REFLECT, ORGANISE, ACT and DELIVER.

        Our training program generally targets individuals who:
        a. Seek investor opportunities for their Start Up business
        b. Have a 0 to 5 year old active business that is struggling to grow
        c. Have an active business that lacks scale able systems and processes
        d. Have a business idea and have not developed it beyond their thoughts
        e. Are running their business as a side hustle and would like to make it a main business
        f. Are seeking to transition safely from employment into meaningful and impactful business

        No. Although the R.O.A.D Map training program does cater to tech based Start Up ideas and companies, it is a training that support all young legal businesses irrespective of their orientation.

        R.O.A.D is a 2-month long training program which runs twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 12:30pm. We currently run the program virtually via Zoom due to C19 constraints but it is normally a face-to-face training.

        Yes, it is if one has the dedication and focus to act upon the activities given during the training. In addition to this, SNDBX Experts offer business mentorship and coaching to trainees well after the training to assist them on their business journey into the foreseeable future. 

        The programs have 4 cohorts in a year. The cohorts are:
        • January to March
        • April to June
        • July to September
        • October to December

        We only accept a maximum of 40 trainees per Cohort. 

        Yes. Upon successful completion of the training, one receives a certificate of completion. 

        Yes. To book your place in class, all you need to do is pay the registration fee of ksh.5,500 via the payment options listed on our website. 

        Payment options available are:

        • Make full fee payment before the training commencement date or
        • Pay the fee in 3 equal instalments within the 2 Month training period or
        • Pay 50% of the fee before commencement of the training and 50% after one month of training.

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